Drew Bourke

Started a career in retail automotive sales in 1993. Escalated to GSM by 1995. Launched DCS Training in 1996, providing in-house training curriculum and instruction to over 300 General Motors franchises during GM's transition to the then newer Windows-based GM Access DCS. Transitioned from training systems to online application development in 1997, providing website solutions to hundreds of businesses. Launched and sold a "bid for travel" startup in 2001. Expanded into online publicity/SEO solutions for businesses, eventually merging into social media selling systems. In 2012, launched VASS Pages, an automated reviews and social media solution built specifically for auto dealers. Merged with WebSpin 360 in early 2015. As a team, WebSpin has refined the intentions of the original VASS Pages platform, expanding it into much greater social media saturation and online distribution of photo customer reviews, testimonials, social posts, vehicle posts, while empowering salespeople with a platform they can use to market themselves, while benefitting both their customers and their dealership. Our mission is to continue helping auto dealers sell cars using social media.

SalesRater Simple Reviews Training Now Available at SalesRater University

Imagine learning how to generate 20, 30, 50 or more positive online reviews for your business month after month. Now imagine learning it in under 6-minutes! WebSpin 360 has just launched the SalesRater Simple Reviews Mobile Toolkit Training class at, making it easy for any business owner and employee […]

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