Facebook reviews

Breaking Down Your Social Fortress

No Access? No Action! Not long ago, a salesperson at one of our client dealerships mentioned they could not access their many photo customer reviews and social posts that had been auto-posted to Facebook using their SalesRater Prospecting & Marketing Toolkit. The reason she couldn’t access her social posts was […]

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Why Requesting Reviews Using Email No Longer Works

While building SalesRater Automated Reviews, the number one concern was efficacy. We knew that sending review requests on behalf of our clients would not be an effective solution, and decided to scrap email messaging almost entirely. And, the reasons were many. #1 – Email Simply No Longer Works We are […]

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Google Adds Reviews from the Web to Mobile Search

Here’s the million-dollar question: Which review sites will Google choose to display here, and why? It’s this type of random selection, choosing three networks out of roughly 20 major networks that makes the need for stellar reviews on multiple networks more important than ever. This is just one of the […]

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