January 27, 2017

Google Adds Reviews from the Web to Mobile Search

Here’s the million-dollar question:
Which review sites will Google choose to display here, and why?

It’s this type of random selection, choosing three networks out of roughly 20 major networks that makes the need for stellar reviews on multiple networks more important than ever.

This is just one of the many reasons WebSpin 360 created SalesRater Automated Reviews. We help auto dealers quickly and consistently build-up hundreds of 4 & 5 star reviews at multiple review networks. All, without employee dependency or having to “motivate” customers with incentives, free oil changes, etc. to get these much needed reviews in Facebook, Google,, Edmunds, CarGurus, DealerRater, Yelp, and others.

If Google’s new Reviews Around the Web is hurting your bottom line, give WebSpin 360 a call today at 888-542-0844. We’ll unleash SalesRater Automated Reviews and make your review woes a thing of the past.

What about CSI? Are you missing monthly incentives due to a low CSI score? We can help.
SalesRater can also raise your CSI by notifying you of unhappy customers, before they return negative manufacturer surveys. This allows you to take action, and raise your CSI to competitive levels.

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