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"Live" Inventory Display

Please enter the provider's name who feeds inventory to your website. Inventory will be displayed and marketed on all of your salespeople's websites.

Online Review Notifications

Please list the name and email address of anyone in your sales and service departments who should email notifications when a new online review is captured. (Separate users with a comma)

In-Store SalesRater Champion

Enter the name, email and phone of your “in-store SalesRater Champion”. This is the person in your company who will assist your staff with SalesRater and handle light administrative duties.

Referral Program

SalesRater uses a fully-integrated referral program named "Recommend a Friend". Place a check below to enable the program. Enter the dollar amount (or other reward) you'll give when a vehicle is sold due to a referral.

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SalesRater needs great photos to represent your dealership. These photos will be used on multiple websites, social posts, and more.

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