March 6, 2017

SalesRater Simple Reviews Training Now Available at SalesRater University

Imagine learning how to generate 20, 30, 50 or more positive online reviews for your business month after month. Now imagine learning it in under 6-minutes!

WebSpin 360 has just launched the SalesRater Simple Reviews Mobile Toolkit Training class at, making it easy for any business owner and employee to quickly learn how to request and generate reviews from their existing clients using only their mobile device.

The best part? Simple Reviews makes requesting reviews a one-step process that anyone can do in less than 30-seconds. Enter your customer’s name & mobile number, and click a button. Your customer receives a text with a photo of you (or your business) and is asked to leave you a review on the networks of your choice (Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc).

If you haven’t seen SalesRater’s Simple Reviews, use this 6-minute video to see it in action, and learn why small businesses are showing up in droves to get it.

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