SalesRater Steps to Success

Ready to sell more cars and make more money?
You’re in the right place! 

Use the Launch Checklist below to get started with SalesRater quickly. After that, hop on over to the Daily Checklist page to see how easy it is to create top of mind awareness in social media and build your online presence. All, so you can generate leads & referrals, sell more cars and make more money. Welcome to SalesRater!


When you first login to your SalesRater Mobile Toolkit or view your website, you might notice that a few things are missing. Use the checklist below to populate your profile, bio, personal slideshow, business title and more, to make sure your prospects get the whole picture. The goal, is to create a “virtual” you, that people can get to know, helping build trust, and ultimately help you sell more cars.

  1. Capture a Profile Photo
    This should be a headshot only, using a solid-colored background when possible. It will be cropped into a circle, so keep that in mind when taking it.
  2. Write a Brief Bio
    100 words, or less. List your favorite hobbies, movies, music, brag about your family, the reason you sell cars, how long you’ve been in sales, past careers, and anything else that will help people get to know you better.
  3. Images for Your Slideshow
    Inside the bio area of your SalesRater website lies a personal slideshow. Use your slideshow to show visitor’s the things mentioned in your bio. Keep it clean and professional.