A Complete Self-Promotion & Marketing System
Built Exclusively for Automotive Salespeople

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Get SalesRater Advanced

A First of its Kind

SalesRater offers the very first fully-integrated website and mobile toolkit that enables automotive salespeople to market themselves online and in social media. Your personalized website showcases your personal photo customer reviews, social posts, new & used vehicles, live inventory display, news articles, and much more. Become a trusted resource in social media, while building top of mind awareness. No more leads lost or split commissions – inquiries come straight to you.

Self-Promotion for Automotive Sales Professionals

Separate yourself from the bland. Turn yourself into a brand. Become a trusted automotive sales professional that people look to when shopping for vehicles. Be the “go-to” person any time someone thinks automotive. Saturate social media with content that builds trust and top of mind awareness. Grow your business and generate incremental sales, leads, referrals and social contacts, month after month.

Photo Customer Reviews

Reviews 2.0 – Driven by the SalesRater Mobile Toolkit, easily capture advanced photo customer reviews that build trust while engaging website visitors and saturating social media. Photo reviews post automatically to social media, and can be shared by you and your customers.

Live Inventory Display

Never lose a lead to your BDC/internet department again. Website guests can browse and inquire on every new and used vehicle in your inventory. Inquiries, leads, and referrals come straight to you.

Share as a Digital Business Card

Send your website address to a prospect’s mobile device with one click, making it easy for them to shop, research, purchase, refer friends & family, and more. Say “goodbye” to paper business cards.

Capture Referrals While You Sleep

SalesRater’s fully-integrated Recommend a Friend Referral Program incentivizes customers and visitors to send you the names of their friends and family, in exchange for earning cash.