January 27, 2017

Why Requesting Reviews Using Email No Longer Works

While building SalesRater Automated Reviews, the number one concern was efficacy. We knew that sending review requests on behalf of our clients would not be an effective solution, and decided to scrap email messaging almost entirely. And, the reasons were many.

#1 – Email Simply No Longer Works
We are all inundated with SPAM email on a daily basis. Most of us are even hesitant to open emails from people we know due to worms and trojans, let alone email from an individual or business we’ve recently interacted with. People no longer trust email. It’s been used for too many “bait & switch” campaigns that have left consumers frustrated. It’s no wonder email’s efficacy has plummeted in the last few years.

2015 Marketing Email Statistics (according to

  • Average open rate was 3.5%
  • Average click-thru rate was less than 1%

If Adobe’s findings are correct, that means that over 96% of emails sent are never viewed, and more than 99% of email is simply garbage to its recipients. What to do?

#2 – SMS Works Better than Email Ever Dreamed it Could

2015 SMS Text Statistics:

  • Average read rate is over 99%
  • Average open rate is over 97%
  • SMS click-thru rate is over 35%

In short, SMS works. And, that’s why SalesRater is able to generate 30, 50, 100 or more reviews per month on multiple networks for its clients.

SalesRater uses SMS text to request a review from your sales & service clients daily, and no human input is required. SalesRater connects to your DMS automatically using NADA-compliant security standards, pulls only what is needed, and fires-off SMS to your customers mobile devices requesting a review. 1, 2 and 3 star reviewers are sent to a feedback form without leaving you a bad review. 4 & 5 star reviewers are sent to the networks you choose and leave you a good review – without you lifting a finger.

SalesRater even notifies you anytime you get a review (on any network) and displays it beautifully inside your website. The website display widget can increase your SEO, while making you a “reviews authority”, vs. sending people to multiple networks. There’s no faster way to build trust than to showcase your reviews inside your website.

Ready to generate, manage, and display your reviews like never before? Contact us.

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